vine-sneak windows phone twitter

We already knew Vine was headed to Windows Phone in the not-too-distant future, but it looks like Twitter may have inadvertently teased the video-sharing app’s arrival in a blog post yesterday detailing an updated version of its own app for Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The original blog post reportedly included a Windows Phone screenshot showing both Twitter and Vine apps running on the operating system, and although the image in question has already been pulled it’s still floating around online. The Next Web also points out that Twitter only made a halfhearted effort to scrub this minor leak from the web, with the screenshot in question still showing up on some national Windows Phone app store websites, including the Indonesian site.

Twitter’s little slip-up suggests that its popular video-making app may be landing on Windows Phone in the very near future. Vine has been a runaway success on both iOS and Android, and could definitely help solve Microsoft’s app problem. Windows Phone has struggled to draw in new users due to its failure to offer some of the most popular apps. Adding Vine to its app store may help Microsoft bolster its mobile image, while giving Nokia phone owners a chance to show off their fancy Lumia cameras.