Vine launched for iOS on January 24 as a Twitter product that allows users to take quick 6.5 second snapshots of the life around them and upload them to Twitter. Users can follow one another on the service, too, and like or comment on the often artistic little snapshots of our lives. Vine was sweetened up a bit more in March when Twitter made it even easier to embed video clips on websites with different border options. Now Vine is about to reach an even larger audience.

The company told The Verge recently that an Android version is coming soon, but didn’t say exactly when we can expect it to hit the Google Play store. The iOS application will also receive an update that will allow Vine users to tag friends inside video clips, and the company said that the update has already been submitted to Apple for approval into iTunes.

We’re looking forward to seeing what other sorts of features Twitter has in mind for Vine down the road, and certainly can’t wait for its debut on Android.