Vine recently announced a new feature that should help amateur Vine users make compelling looping clips with music that fits right with the video. Perfect Loops can be hard to master, and the new feature named “Snap to Beat” takes all of the legwork out of creating one.

“Snap to Beat identifies how much of the song to use to make a seamless loop and then trims your video to fit that clip,” Vine explained. “With seamless audio looping in our mobile apps, you can make Vines that sound awesome and feel like magic — something that’s only possible with Vine.”

Users will be able to select songs from a new “Featured Tracks” part of the application, where they can select from various artists and songs. You don’t need to use this feature, however, so you can still create Vines that have custom music loops, too.

Music extends to other parts of Vine now, too. If a user uploads a clip with an identifiable song, another user can find out what track is playing by tapping a new music button at the bottom of each Vine clip.

The new Snap to Beat feature launches Friday specifically for iOS, while the music identification feature is available on iOS and Android.