WOWee One Pro Bluetooth Speaker: A Small Device That Packs a Punch

by Brandon Russell | February 8, 2013

The WOWee One Pro Bluetooth speaker is an interesting little device. It connects to your smartphone and plays music, but it uses surface contact to enhance sound. Through audio-gel technology, the speaker actually resonates through a table and other surfaces for more pronounced bass (frequencies of 40Hz to 20kHz).

The device itself is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so lugging it to your friend’s house won’t be a problem. Any Bluetooth compatible device can pair with the One Pro, too, including your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and whatever else you have lying around. 

And it doesn’t just play music, either. If you want to use it for conference calls, the device can act as a speakerphone—there’s even an audible caller ID function so you know who’s calling while you’re listening to music. The WOWee also comes with noise cancellation tech for the best “echo-free” performance—90 decibels of mid to high frequencies.

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Brandon Russell

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