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Windows 7: Like Vista, but Better

by Jon Rettinger | September 14, 2009September 14, 2009 12:28 am PST

Windows XP had been a runaway success. It had been adopted by home users and system admins around the world. By the time January 2007 rolled around hype was growing for XP’s successor, Windows Vista. Touting an improved Media Center, glassy smooth UI, and supposedly rock solid security, Vista looked primed to seamlessly take the reigns from XP. Like most stories however, this one didn’t have a happy ending. Bugs, blue screens, and annoying security popups led to negative press, and subsequent low adoption rates. Microsoft was embarrassed and did its best ‘Our Bad’ when they announced Windows 7 to a now skeptical public.  Bucking Vista off its shoulders, 7 garnered fantastic press, hailing it as what Vista should of been.  Despite the ‘Vista’ mistake, Microsoft looks primed to shake off the dirt, and reclaim its luster.

TechnoBuffalo’s own LP takes you through a short tour of Windows 7, highlighting some of the innovative and new features found in Redmond’s new OS.

Jon Rettinger

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