Wii U Unboxing: Nintendo’s HD Future is in Our Hands (Video)

The Wii was innovative, novel and introduced an element to gaming that has helped differentiate Nintendo from its competitors. But the system’s capabilities, after a certain time, became dull and limiting in comparison to competing systems. So six years on from the Wii’s introduction, Nintendo is launching an upgrade, a sequel if you will, to 2006’s smash hit.

This isn’t just a console capable of pushing out better graphics. Nintendo has introduced a completely new way to interact with a home console. The Wiimote is still very much a part of the company’s ethos, but it’s the new GamePad that promises to really change the way people play. Touch screens are nothing new, of course. But supplementing the familiar console experience with a separate interactive screen brings all new possibilities.

The Wii U has many obstacles to overcome, and a stigma to shake now that it’s capable of better graphics. Is this really going to compete against next generation Microsoft and Sony consoles? That’s a lot to ask. Right now, however, we’re very excited to put the Wii U through its paces, and run HD Mario through a few levels.


Jon Rettinger

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