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White iPhone 4 Gets Unboxed Early

by Travis Harvey | July 18, 2010July 18, 2010 2:47 am PST

On June 23rd Apple crushed the dreams of a white iPhone 4 on launch day when they revealed manufacturing troubles were responsible for the delay in availability of the black iPhone 4’s opposite. Leaving a vague ‘second half of July’ timeframe, there’s since been no word of a possible release. Following the leakiest month in Apple history, a white iPhone 4 has been uncovered in Japan complete with box, accessories, and the elusive white handset.

Impress Watch somehow managed an early look at the white iPhone 4 and there really aren’t that many surprises.   Both the black and white models carry nearly the same box with white edges and a black top behind the enclosed iPhone.  The white sides of the black box were likely the reason a handful of people were told the white handset was in stock for the June 24th launch.  Sure enough, the only difference is what you see on the front.




If you’re still waiting for that white handset’s status to turn ‘available’, hit up the source link for plenty more shots.   Wondering how the white will look with each of the bumpers?  They’ve got that covered too.  Before you leave let us know if you’re one of those testing your patience, waiting for the white.

[Impress Watch]