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What’s on my iPhone: Get a personal look at Jon’s phone

by Brandon Russell | June 27, 2015June 27, 2015 11:00 am EST

Last month, Jon gave us an in-depth look at what he’s running on his Android device, and now he’s back with a look at his iPhone.

He’s invited us to look at his iPhone before, but his usage is always evolving, as is his home screen, so it’s time to revisit the topic. Many of the apps Jon relies on on a daily basis are integral to running a business and keeping abreast of the latest trends. Some are for play, too—you need to have fun every once and a while.

This look at Jon’s device won’t be so much a look at design as it is the apps he uses on a daily basis. Apple’s mobile software still can’t be customized, so if you’re looking for a video that’s more design-focused, you can check out this video Mark did on Android customization. What iOS lacks in customization options it makes up for in its app ecosystem, which is rife with some amazing experiences.

Check out the video to see what Jon is working with. You might recognize some of the apps he highlighted in a similar video he did last year, but there’s some new stuff, too.

Brandon Russell

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