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What’s in Your Pocket? xMattieGeex and his ThunderBolt

Two weeks or so ago we posted a call to you, The Herd, asking you to review the phone in your pocket. However old or new, whatever operating system it runs, and whatever carrier it’s attached to, we want to know what you’re carrying and what you think of it.

You answered the call.

77 video responses and close to two dozen written reviews later, The Herd has spoken. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what you think. We can’t run ’em all, but we are going to pick some of our favorites to share with the group.

First up: xMattieGeex and his epic three-part review of the HTC ThunderBolt. The opening scene sound effects alone warrant a mention, but his in-depth knowledge, extensive tinkering with his phone, and casual yet informative style really won us over. Click Play to watch Part One above, and follow one of his many in-video annotation links to see more.


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