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What’s in Your Pocket? ComputerHowToGuru’s Samsung Mythic (video)

by usersubmit | June 1, 2011June 1, 2011 6:00 am PST

Computer How To Guru did a nice, nice job reviewing his Samsung Mythic phone … except for the fact that the end of the review is missing! What up with that?

Still, as he said in the comments on his review video, he did the best he could with not-great lighting conditions and an older, somewhat laggy phone. And he did good! CHTG (how do you pronounce that, anyway?) knows his tech and his Mythic review is just one of many hardware, app and iPhone Tweaks videos worth checking out on his channel. CHTG has a professional, straightforward style, lots of knowledge, and an evolving style. Good stuff! Thanks, Guru, for reviewing your phone for your What’s in Your Pocket? series, and we’re looking forward to more from you.


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