What is up with Apple?

by Danny Zepeda | June 15, 2017

Apple is currently sitting on a golden throne that’s forged from all those billions of dollars in the bank. It is the most valuable company ever and that doesn’t’ seem to be ending any time soon. So where does that put Apple moving forward?

When Apple truly broke boundaries with the iPhone and iPad, it fundamentally changed one segment and invented anther. Since then, Steve Jobs sadly passed away and Tim Cook has steered the company to record highs, yet the innovation has seemingly slowed down precipitously. This was not by accident.

It’s easy to become complacent when all you experience is success and Apple has experienced an unprecedented amount of success in the last ten years. Over the past few months, something unexpected has happened to Apple though. It is being doubted and challenged on all fronts, including its own fan base.

Without Steve Job’s insatiable leadership that provided an urgency, Apple has largely rested on its laurels. You can see it with it ignoring the iPhone’s design for three years and until recently, it had forgotten about its pro consumers. Tim Cook and investors are very happy with the absurd amount of money coming in but has had the unexpected consequence of stunting Apple’s innovation.

But things may be turning around. The iPhone 8 looks like it’ll be a big upgrade with new features, Apple has re-discovered how important its pro market is with the iMac Pro on the horizon while also refining other products like the iPad (with iOS 11) and MacBooks (new processors) that were desperately needed.

Apple isn’t perfect, but nobody is. It can be maddeningly frustrating seeing it being nonchalant about doing something we don’t agree with, but it looks it realizes it can’t skate by on doing the bare minimum anymore without risking angering people anymore. Negative fan backlash and the robust competition it faces now with the likes of Samsung and Microsoft who are churning out impressive products are its main problems now. It has to do something to keep up, and it finally looks like it is. We’ll see how long this lasts and where it leads.

Jon shared his thoughts on the subject as well. Check them out in the video above.


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