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We Play Journey (Video)

Here we are again with a new look at a new game. This time around, we’ve selected the recently released (for PlayStation Plus subscribers) Journey from thatgamecompany.

Journey is a special game with a unique premise and delivery. It’s a game about getting from on place to another. It’s about going on a journey and all the knowledge that comes with the experience.

As I mention in the video above, this playthrough features a lot less in the way of my talking. Journey is a game that needs playing to understand. It’s something that you won’t be able to judge based on less than 15 minutes of gameplay. As such, enjoy the video above while keeping in mind that it doesn’t even represent a slice of the experience of playing the game.

We interviewed the composer for Journey, Austin Wintory, back in September of last year. If you’re interested in his involvement with the project and thatgamecompany, check out our exclusive interview right here.

Journey is currently available for PlayStation Plus subscribers right now on the PS3. It will launch for the public next week.

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