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Verizon iPhone 4: It’s Coming!

by Winston Sih | October 7, 2010October 7, 2010 5:51 pm PST

According to a rumor from The Wall Street Journal, people have now been briefed on a CDMA version of the iPhone.  The current version is GSM only, the bands that the majority of the world uses for cell phones, but CDMA is used by the likes of Sprint and Verizon here in the United States and a few other carriers around the world.

Everything seems to indicate that the release will happen in early 2011, and considering Verizon has a keynote scheduled for the first morning of the Consumer Electronics Show this year, we almost wonder if that is where the surprise announcement will happen.

Jon Rettinger will go through the latest rumors and why this may bring us even closer to a Verizon iPhone.

Are you going to jump ship over to big red? Have you been waiting? Are you happy with AT&T and are staying?