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Verizon iPad 2 Connection Problems (video)

by Sean P. Aune | April 11, 2011April 11, 2011 2:38 pm PST

Reports have been coming in from everywhere that some of the Verizon iPad 2 tablets are having issues with connecting to the cellular network.  While it appears to only be a small percentage of them, as (bad) luck would have it, one of the impacted units belongs to our very own Jon Rettinger.  He fired up the trusty video camera and filmed what it takes to get it working again, along with what also doesn’t work, and I have to say, this looks annoying as can be.

Luckily Boy Genius Report is reporting that the next version of iOS, 4.3.2, is already in the testing stages, and it looks like this will resolve the issue as well as fix a few other minor bugs with the tablet overall.

Have you experienced any issues with connecting to the Verizon network with your iPad 2?

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...