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User Video: Buffalo Buzz with Winston

by Jon Rettinger | November 13, 2009November 13, 2009 3:08 pm PST

One of TechnoBuffalo’s finest users, Winston is back with his weekly edition of BuffaloBuzz.  According to the man himself, this round covers:

1) Reports from Sophos indicate that another hack is spreading that uses this obvious vulnerability to Rick Roll Jailbreakers with the wallpaper pictured below.  Sophos, being a security vendor, states the obvious: If you leave your iPhone open like this, literally everything in it including email and bank passwords are vulnerable.  This one is currently circulating around Australia but nothing is preventing it from spreading overseas.

2) Some rumors have mentioned Apple customers have received confirmation and notification from Apple that their Intel Core i5-based quad-core 27″ iMac’s have started shipping from Shanghai, China.  No word yet on whether the upgraded version of the i7 has started shipping.

3) The little company that could, Troll Touch have announced more of their award-winning analog resistive touch kits for 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs as well as unibody MacBooks. Prices for the iMac kits themselves start at $1099, or you can order new machines with the kits pre-installed starting at $2299. For laptop owners, your touchscreen kits start at $699. Not cheap at all, but you know what the song says: You’ve got to pay the troll’s toll. Delivery slated to begin before December 1, 2009. is the place with more details.

4) Apple Stores get a little nuts during the holidays.  Apple is helping those who want to get in and out with “Reserve and Pick Up“.  It is what you’d think: You buy something online and pick it up at the nearest store.  Also a good way to make sure they have the product you are looking for in stock and you don’t have to wait for adding memory or upgrading hard drives. Plus, they’ll even wrap it for you.

Be sure to check Winston’s site out here.

Jon Rettinger

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