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Unboxing the New 1080p-Capable Apple TV (Video)

by Brandon Russell | March 15, 2012March 15, 2012 1:55 pm PST

It’s here, and one day early! No, not the new iPad. But second best: the upgraded Apple TV. While the new set-top box doesn’t quite turn heads the way Apple’s tablet does, that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited to unbox our new gadget. Much of what was revealed last week was expected – like the A5 chip and 1080p playback – while Apple kept a few tricks up its sleeve by announcing some welcome UI tweaks. Make no mistake, this is simply a refresh rather than a revolutionary leap forward. Still, for $99, it offers a whole heck of a lot. Once we get some hands (or eyes) on the new 1080p streaming, we’ll be sure to report back with some impressions. For now, check out this quick unboxing of Apple latest set-top box.

Brandon Russell

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