TechnoBuffalo’s Driven: Top Five Cars From This Year’s New York Auto Show

by Brandon Russell | April 3, 2013

We’ve brought you test drives, behind the scenes looks and lists of our favorite car tech, but on this week’s episode we’re taking it down a notch to bring you another Top Five list. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend this year’s New York Auto Show, but we followed the news with bated breath; this year definitely didn’t disappoint.

A ton of vehicles were shown off, so there’s plenty to choose from. Your top five might not mirror ours, but I think we can all agree some pretty cool cars were displayed. We’re going to back off lists for a little bit while we get down and dirty with test drives, so enjoy this last one—for now. And let us know which vehicles you liked most from this year’s New York Auto Show.

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Brandon Russell

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