The iPhone Pro’s starting price will shock you—and other rumors

by Brandon Russell | July 10, 2017

Could the most expensive iPhone 8 cost more than a used car? That’s the speculation coming from John Gruber, who regularly reports accurate information regarding upcoming Apple products.

Gruber said he hasn’t heard about pricing information directly from an Apple source, but says he hopes “the iPhone Pro starts at $1,500 or higher.”

His reasoning for this is because he wants to see what Apple could do if uninhibited by pricing constraints. That wouldn’t exactly make the device, which is expected to feature an edge-to-edge display and all-glass design, accessible to the masses. Instead, it would make the handset a luxury item that only the most ardent Apple fans could afford.

Realistically, Gruber believes the iPhone Pro (or iPhone 8) will cost $1,200 and go as high as $1,400 for the model with 256GB of storage.

Gruber also said he heard the iPhone Pro’s wireless charging feature may be activated after the device launches, much like Apple introduced a Portrait Mode to the iPhone 7 Plus a month after it hit stores. It’s unclear, however, why Apple would decide to enable the feature after the fact. Gruber claims there will be an inductive charging accessory that might not be ready for the iPhone Pro’s launch.

Additionally, a separate rumor claims the upcoming iPhone will feature a mirror-like finish as a new color option. That conjures up memories of the iPod, which featured a mirror-like finish until adopting a more traditional color scheme.

We still have a couple months to go until we have actual details on the iPhone Pro, so all we have now is rumors to go by. Check out the video above to see the latest rumors rounded up.

Brandon Russell

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