TechnoBuffalo’s Driven Chimes in On The Tesla/New York Times Drama

by Brandon Russell | February 20, 2013

That Tesla/New York Times drama sure escalated quickly, but everything has come to a conclusion. What have we learned? Tesla’s Model S isn’t the perfect dream machine, and John Broder, who wrote a damning piece for the NYT about his test drive, has questionable journalistic integrity. It’s more complicated than that, obviously, but Tesla’s driving logs don’t lie—people do, or at least they like to stretch the truth.

There’s plenty of backstory to the entire incident, which we thoroughly covered earlier this week. Many other Model S test drives have taken place along the same route Broder took without incident. Reviewers did note, however, that mileage anxiety exists, especially when you’re required to follow a very strict and specific route.

Check out the video for a full breakdown of the events from TechnoBuffalo’s Driven, and don’t forget to check out other episodes on the TechFeed channel on YouTube.

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