TechnoBuffalo’s Driven Visits CES 2013

by Jon Rettinger | January 9, 2013

There are phones, tablets, computers, appliances, TVs, and a million accessories here at CES. But scattered around the many halls and corridors are some big car companies and their wild technology. We took a nice look at what’s on display, and how the vehicles of the future will talk to existing tech. We also took a peek at how car companies plan on improving their in-dash experiences.

The future of responsive and elegant touchscreens in your vehicle is looking good. When you press them, they’ll respond. And they look pretty great. For starters, we roamed around to Chevy, Ford, and we also saw QNX running in a Bentley. Check out the above video, and don’t forget to browse all of TechnoBuffalo’s Driven on the TechFeed YouTube channel.


Jon Rettinger

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