TechnoBuffalo’s Driven: The Five Best Electric Cars on the Market

by Brandon Russell | March 20, 2013

Among the expensive trophy cars at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, companies used the event as a platform to showcase their best electric car concepts and ideas. If you’re an avid practitioner of everything green, then electric cars can be just as exciting as the latest Ferrari or Lamborghini. With technology improving so quickly, there’s plenty to be excited about in the electric segment of the auto industry.

The majority of the really exciting stuff is still years away, but there are some great electric cars on the market right now. In this episode of Driven, Jon highlights the top five you can go to the dealership and get today. For a full rundown on each of the five vehicles, check out the latest episode, and don’t forget to check out more episodes of TechnoBuffalo’s Driven on The Tech Feed channel on YouTube.


Brandon Russell

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