TechnoBuffalo’s Driven Recaps All the Car Goodness From CES 2013

by Brandon Russell | January 17, 2013

We had an incredible time scouring the many booths and halls of CES. We saw enormous TVs, accessories galore, and enough home appliances to fill twenty mansions. But we also saw some really great car technology, which we showed you in a previous video.

As a fan of cars, what was on display at CES had my inner car nerd in overdrive. Audi showed off a self-driving vehicle, Ford shared more information on its Fusion energy, and QNX, which is a pretty amazing system, was on full display. Seeing technology push the limits of what is and isn’t possible in a regular old car is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see the bar raised even higher.

Check out video for a full recap of what we saw at CES, and don’t forget to follow TechnoBuffalo’s Driven on The Tech Feed YouTube channel.

Brandon Russell

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