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TechnoBuffalo Interviews: CrackBerry Kevin on RIM’s Future

by Noah Kravitz | October 21, 2011October 21, 2011 1:15 pm PST

Earlier this week I got the chance to catch up with perhaps the blogosphere’s foremost authority on all things BlackBerry, Kevin Michaluk. As Founder, Editor in Chief, and “Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation,” @CrackBerryKevin leads millions of visitors on a never-ending quest to get the most ouf of their beloved BlackBerrys.

I ran into Kevin at day one of BlackBerry DevCon Americas in San Francisco, and immediately asked his thoughts on the opening Keynote we’d both attended earlier in the day. Nice guy – and fellow all-around media junkie – he is, Kevin agreed to step in front of the camera to talk about the state of the RIMpire. He also showed us his blinged out PlayBook, custom fashioned by about $12 in parts bought at Home Depot.

Without further ado, click Play and do yourself the favor of listening to Kevin break down what RIM did and didn’t deliver at DevCon Americas 2011.

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