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Sprint Epic 4G Touch 1080p Video Sample and Windows 8 Tablet Hands-On!

It’s two, two, two videos in one!

Thursday night I headed out to the TechCrunch Gadgets/Mobile reader meet-up in San Francisco. Seeing as the event was sponsored by Samsung Mobile and I’d just received a Sprint Epic 4G Touch to review, I brought the Sammy smartphone along with me figuring I could put the camera through its paces.

Low and behold, TC Editor John Biggs was wandering around the club with a Samsung Windows 8 prototype tablet in his hands. Being as smooth as I am, I lifted the device without his knowing (okay, he knew) and captured a few minutes’ worth of swiping and tapping via the Epic 4G Touch’s 1080p camcorder. Then I recorded an introduction with the cameraphone this morning in a much quieter, much better lit location.

The phone fared pretty well, I think, at capturing full HD video in low light and despite my hasty, shaky-handed videography. While the hands-on footage looks a little blurry, the intro looks much sharper, so I’m going to chalk theĀ blurrinessĀ up to the poor shooting conditions and poorer cinematography. As for the Win8 tablet? Super responsive. I didn’t have much time to use thing, and it wasn’t connected to the Net at the time, so I couldn’t gauge much besides a general impression of the Metro UI (good), app launch times (fast), and the Windows Desktop lurking beneath the new UI (so weird, and potentially bad). Also, I drew a self-portrait.

Check out the video and forgive me for carrying on a conversation with a nameless tech enthusiast during the hands-on. It was too loud in there for me to narrate the video, but apparently just quiet enough to capture our utterly useless, if pithy, back and forth.

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