Spotify vs Pandora: Battle of the Music Streaming Services (Video)

Pandora and Spotify are two of the biggest names in music streaming today, dominating as the go-to services on the market. Having a party? Switch on your favorite Pandora station. On a long roadtrip? Make a playlist on Spotify. What makes both of the services great, besides being free, is they help expose us to great new music. But their similarities largely end there, as the two are very different in their execution. Where Pandora sifts through tracks similar to an artist of your choosing, Spotify lets the user be the DJ. Each as their own strengths and weaknesses, so we’ve made a short video detailing each experience, and why they’re both so great.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell enjoys writing about technology and entertainment. When he's not watching Back to the Future, you can find him on a hike or watching...