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Sony Core Hands-On: Another Activity Tracker for Your Wrist

by Brandon Russell | January 8, 2014January 8, 2014 12:45 pm EST

The 2014 Consumer Electronic Show might go down as the year activity trackers truly went mainstream—at least among big companies. As the usual suspects—Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike—continue to iterate on their existing wearables, other companies are starting to jump into the mix, even those you don’t normally associate with health products. Next up on the list of healthy wearables is Sony, who on Monday announced its waterproof Core tracker.

Like similar devices, the Core is capable of tracking your day, including when you sleep, exercise and just simply move around; it’ll even log your couch potato lifestyle, though hopefully you got an activity tracker to break your habit of just sitting around. The Core is a little different from the most recent wearables because it allows you to carry around in a pocket, or you can stuff it into a band and wear it on your wrist (think of Fitbit’s Flex).

Sony announced the device at its press conference along with a number of other products, so the Core was by no means a headliner. Thus, we didn’t get too much information on its capabilities aside from what was mentioned above. According to Sony, the Core will sync with a Lifelog application for Android that provides users with up-to-the-minute details on everything you do. That’ll either make you really excited about all the calories you’re burning, or sad that you’re not burning enough. Expect the Core and Lifelog app to hit later this spring.

Brandon Russell

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