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Sonos Goes Android – S5 System Unboxing

Sonos makes wireless music systems with a reputation for being excellent to use and kinda hard on the wallet. A few years back I had the chance to review a system in my home and it was fantastic. But there’s no way I could have justified spending over a thousand dollars on a two-zone system including remote control and NAS (Networked Additional Storage) drive for my media library. So after a few weeks of Sonos-ful bliss, I sent the system back.

Now it’s a little bit easier on the bottom line to get going with Sonos, especially if you already have a smartphone that can double as your system remote via Sonos’ apps. Android users can get in on the musical fun now, too, thanks to the release of Sonos Controller for Android, the company’s first app for Google-powered devices. The app is a free download and runs on “most smartphones with Android version 2.1 or higher.”

The folks at Sonos reached out to see if I wanted a two-zone S5 system on which to check out the app. I said, um, lemme think about it, um … yup, sure do. And two weeks later a big box showed up at my house. Hit Play on the video to find out what was inside.

FTC Dislcosure: I might wind up keeping the system. We’ll see.

Noah Kravitz

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