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Samsung Infuse 4G HSPA+ Speed Test (video)

Samsung and AT&T have been proudly proclaiming how the Infuse 4G is the “first phone to support hspa+/hsupa at launch.” The problem is that HSPA+ coverage is so rare that it will be difficult for anyone to know just how fast it really is.

As luck would have it, I live in one of those areas, so it won’t be any problem for TechnoBuffalo to put this on video for you and show you just how fast HSPA+ really is. We’re also bringing in an iPhone 4 for a speed comparison so you can see how it compares to normal AT&T speeds.

Give the video a look and let us know what you think down in the comments!

And, a bit of a teaser, in an upcoming video will be comparing the 4G offerings of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in one massive 4G Showdown.  Stay tuned.

Jon Rettinger

Jon, perhaps best known by his YouTube alter ego Jon4Lakers, has a love for technology that can never be quenched, no matter how hard he tries. If...