Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands-On (International): An Octo-Core Assault

by Brandon Russell | April 24, 2013

We already got our grubby mitts on a U.S.-bound version of the Galaxy S4, so how about some Octo-Core goodness? Our little tech obsessions wouldn’t be complete without seeing what eight cores—1.6GHz quad-core plus 1.2GHz quad-core—can do inside of a tiny phone. Does it burn a hole in one’s pocket? Or are the extra cores needless when Jelly Bean is already fast enough?

The quad-core S4 we’ve been using already feels beefy as it is, but having that extra oomph, at least on paper, promises to provide a better experience. Having used the device very briefly, there is a notable difference in some aspects—booting up, for example—but others less so. The devices look identical, so there’s no differentiating factors there. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the extra power is worth it. We ran multiple Quadrant scores, with the octo-core version, as expected, edging out; in one test the octo-core version got 13041, while the quad-core version got 12418.

Samsung has been working at a pretty fast clip to make its handsets the most impressive in terms of specs. What the company has managed to cram inside of the S4’s body, both international and stateside, is pretty astounding—on paper. We’re still slowly getting to know what the S4 is all about, so until our final review hits, stay tuned for more content on Samsung’s latest and greatest.

Thanks to Negri Electronics for supplying us with this international S4 model.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Unboxing Gallery (International):


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