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Samsung Galaxy Note – One Month Later (video)

by Jon Rettinger | January 30, 2012January 30, 2012 2:15 pm PST

My initial impression of the Galaxy Note when it was announced was that it was laughably big. The phone/tablet hybrid was introduced as big smartphone displays were becoming the norm. But having gotten used to devices in the 4-inch range, I just couldn’t fathom using the Note’s oversized 5.3-inch screen as my daily driver. How I was wrong.

After nearly a month of use, every other smartphone experience literally pales in comparison. Even the HTC Titan, which I’ve sung the praises of before, takes some getting used to because the screen is so much smaller. Browsing, messaging, watching video and using apps is that much better on the Galaxy Note because there’s so much screen real estate. And my biggest apprehension, the portability, is an absolute non-factor. It’s easy to use, talk on and isn’t an issue in my pocket.

In addition, battery life has been very impressive. Because the body of the Galaxy Note is so big, Samsung was able to include a 2500 mAh battery that easily lasts me throughout the day. I’ve also had a wonderful time using Android because of the Note’s 1.4GHz processor.

If you’re anticipating the AT&T-bound Galaxy Note like I am, it was announced today that the device is hitting Ma Bell on February 19. You’ll only have to wait until Super Bowl weekend, though, to get a glimpse. Samsung announced that the company has an ad lined up to commemorate the launch of the Galaxy Note. Expect the unexpected, the company said.

Will you get a Galaxy Note on February 19?

Jon Rettinger

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