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Samsung Focus S for AT&T: Unboxing and Hands-On (Video)

AT&T’s got two new Windows Phone smartphones in their lineup: The HTC Titan, which Jon unboxed last week, and the Samsung Focus S. The Focus S is Titan’s little brother, if a phone with a 4.3″ display can be called, “little.” While technically slotted in as a mid-range phone, Focus S is no slouch in the spec department, what with that big display, 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor, dual cameras, and svelte 8.5mm profile. Add to that “4G” HSPA+ data speeds, and you’ve got yourself a legit WP 7.5 Mango device that retails for less than $100 on contract.

Specs are one thing, though, and experience is often quite another. How does Focus S measure up in the real world? Let’s get it out of the box and find out!

Noah Kravitz

Noah Kravitz mourned the day that Star Castle was replaced in the pizza parlour he frequented as a kid. The sadness ended when he saw an older kid...