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Samsung 4G Mobile Hotspot Unboxing (video)

Samsung’s 4G LTE mobile hotspot, the SGH-LC11, is now shipping. The SGH-LC11 is about the same size as a traditional MiFi device, but offers 4G speeds, which Verizon claims to be 10x faster than a 3G connection in some places. If you find yourself somewhere that doesn’t have 4G coverage,  the device can also connect to 3G networks.

Our own Jon Rettinger got his hands on one of the modems and shot a little unboxing video for you. He’ll also be shooting a speed test video soon, so we can see how fast the 4G LTE device really is compared to some of Verizon’s other offerings.

The SGH-LC11 is available contract-free for $269.99, or for $149.99 with a two-year contract. If you’re buying on-contract, picking up the device on Verizon’s website rather than in-store will score you $50 off, bringing the price to just $99.99.

What do you think? Do you think it’s something you can see yourself using?

Emily Price

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