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Rumor Roundup: Nexus 6 Release and Google Play Redesign

by Brandon Russell | September 19, 2014September 19, 2014 5:01 pm EST

On this week’s episode of Rumor Roundup, Jon talks about the Nexus 6 possibly arriving earlier than expected, long iPhone 6 lines, and Google Play receiving a big redesign.

We’ve heard on multiple occasions that the Nexus 6 will arrive later this year, and a new rumor corroborates what we’ve heard in the past: that Motorola is working with Google on the new vanilla Android device. If a device is being worked out, we could see it as early as October, though we haven’t heard anything official just yet.

Meanwhile, Jon address the rumor of long iPhone wait times, which we can attest is very much the case after sitting in line for more than 16 hours. Pre-orders were hard to come by, and chances are stock will be limited following today’s official launch. Want an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Good luck.

Finally, Google Play could be getting a major redesign to better match the look and feel of Android L. It doesn’t look like the store itself is changing all that much, though the rumored 5.0 design could wind up looking much different than what Android fans are used to now. It’s still unclear when Android L will launch, though we imagine the software will be available sometime at the end of next month.

Check out the video above for a wrap-up of this week’s videos, and check back every Friday for a new Rumor Roundup episode.

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