Rumor Roundup: iPad 5 and the Next Nexus 7

Jon R is back to tackle the biggest tech rumors of this week! In this episode of Rumor Roundup, Jon talks about the next generation Google Nexus 7 and how we might see it sooner than we think, the recent iPad 5 back panel leaks that closely resembles the iPad mini, what Nokia will likely be showing at this year’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, and a possible new paid service from YouTube. All this and more on Rumor Roundup!

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Alleged iPad 5 Rear Panel Leaks, Goes for That All-Black Look

The rear panel of what is reportedly Apple’s fifth-generation iPad is being courted around town, and it follows the same design language as the iPad mini: black anodized aluminum, thin profile, and rounded edges. This is probably the future of Apple’s bigger iPad lineup. 9to5Mac says the images are unverified, and come from a China-based […]

Google’s Second Generation Nexus 7 Reportedly Landing in May

Google will allegedly announce its second generation Nexus 7 tablet in May, and a recent report from DigiTimes also suggests that it has kept Asus on as the manufacturer of the tablet. The timing seems right, especially because the company’s annual Google I/O developer conference kicks off during the middle of the month. We also […]

Nokia MWC Press Conference Kicks off On Feb. 25 – New Windows Phones in Tow?

Nokia just announced that it will be holding a press conference during Mobile World Congress on Feb. 25 at 9am local time. We’re not quite sure what to expectfrom the Finnish phone maker at this point, but we’re hoping we see new Windows Phone 8 devices. Our best guess is that there will be an […]

YouTube Paid Subscriptions Allegedly Launching This Spring

It’s the model we wish cable providers would adopt: we want to watch TV, but we don’t see the need to pay for every single channel if we only watch a handful. YouTube clearly knows there’s interest in this form of content delivery and is allegedly gearing up to launch paid subscription options for several […]

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