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RocketSkates R5: How useful are rocket skates?

by Danny Zepeda | July 3, 2016July 3, 2016 12:00 pm EST

Have you ever dreamt of the day when you could own a pair of rocket skates? Well, even if you haven’t, that dream is here. Acton’s RocketSkates R5 bring mechanical skates to any pair of shoes.

In the same vain as Heelies, RocketSkates are here to put wheels on your shoes. It’s up to you to decide if that’s necessary. The R5’s can be fully controlled with a controller. Although the official product description states you’ll “invoke searing jealousy in everyone, everywhere,” the looks of the skates leave a lot to be desired. You don’t exactly look cool using them, but at least you’re not walking.

The RocketSkates reach up to 7 miles per hour and have a 5-mile range. They’re geared more for fun and entertainment rather than a commuting tool. You can also download the iOS or Android app to further customize your ride. This is where the skates truly come to life.

The app can double as a controller if you happen to forget or misplace the physical controller. You can also toggle between three modes: beginner, normal and pro. You get the max speed of 7 mph with pro mode. It acts as the hub for the skates, giving you control over the skates, battery level, tracks your range and activities and even lets you see if there are any other RocketSkates users nearby.

Once you balance yourself out and get over the fear of falling, riding the skates is kind of fun. You don’t blaze down the street, but you’ll certainly be entertained for however long they keep you occupied. But at $399, it’s hard to justify purchasing them. Sure, they entertain, but that’s where their usefulness ends. If you can get over the steep price, just try not to fall.

You can see how Jon and others in the office fared using the skates in the video above.

Danny Zepeda

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