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This is How PlayStation Now Works on the PS4 – More Like PlayStation Later, Am I Right?

by Joey Davidson | July 31, 2014July 31, 2014 1:30 pm EST

Hey, so, PlayStation Now is available in North America for all PlayStation 4 owners right now. You just need to hop into the PlayStation Store, browse their selection of titles, pass a network test and…


Wait. At least, I waited, as evidenced in the video above and my Vine below.

Hey, once things get going, it’s a much better service. There’s some input lag that’s bound to frustrate some gamers out there, but the whole principle and its execution are pretty nifty.

Now, about the pricing. I think Sony’s charging a touch too much for this service. Make it like Netflix with an affordable all-you-can-stream subscription model, and I’ll take a little input lag without too much whining. I promise.

What do you think of PlayStation Now so far?

Joey Davidson

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