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Out of Controller: Xbox Launch, Non-Exclusive Sequels for Titanfall and More

by Brandon Russell | November 26, 2013November 26, 2013 5:00 pm PST

Ashley Esqueda’s got your dose of gaming news every week on Out of Controller. On this week’s show, Ashley talks about the Xbox One launch, and explains why EA might make Titanfall sequels available on multiple platforms. Ashley also shares a quick status update on The Last Guardian. You’ll also see the Xbox One Kinect fail at listening to Ashley, and check out the great new game releases this week.

On This Week's Episode

Xbox One Kinect Hands-On – Does it Have Selective Listening?

The Xbox One has finally launched, and one of the biggest features Microsoft has been promoting is the ability to control the console with your voice. While it sounds awesome to go hands-free with your gaming console, does it actually work in the real world? We’re about to find out. We have an Xbox One […]

Several More Xbox One Owners Report Faulty Disc Drives

Several more reports of stricken Xbox One’s have hit over the weekend, mostly having to do with faulty disc drives. Via Kotaku (and a number of others), the gaming outlet received over 150 reader complaints regarding one particular issue, all having to do with the disc drive making ugly grinding noises. Kotaku said it received […]

EA says Titanfall Will Have Sequels That May Come to the PlayStation 4

EA is having a hard time cramming this into the brains of the stubborn of the world, but Titanfall is not coming to the PlayStation 4 or any non-Microsoft platform. That is about as definitive a statement as it can be for the highly sought shooter, but then again, it leaves a lot of gray […]

The Last Guardian Creator “Terribly Sorry” About Constant Delays

Fumito Ueda is terribly sorry to his fans for their understandable frustration with the constant string of delays surrounding The Last Guardian. Six years have gone by since its announcement, and to this day it has neither surfaced at any trade shows in recent memory nor has it officially been canned. Ueda stated in an […]

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