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Nook Tablet Unboxing (video) – Can it Put Out the Fire?

by Jon Rettinger | November 17, 2011November 17, 2011 12:45 pm PST

Hiding in the shadow of Amazon’s Kindle Fire release, Barnes & Noble has unleashed its newest member of the Nook family hoping to get in on the tablet party. In comparison, hype for the Fire has been deafening since its announcement, while the Nook Tablet has merely made but a whimper. Still, that’s not to say the newest Nook doesn’t have a lot to offer.┬áBut do consumers care?

Initial impressions: the form factor and design is nice. If you’ve seen the Nook Color first-hand, it’s almost identical to that, although it’s a lighter silver shade in favor of the Color’s dark gray. It’s not too heavy, making it easy to hold it one hand, and there are buttons! There is a Nook “n” logo button that acts as a sort of do-it-all; it brings up a menu for Home, Library, Shop, Search, etc. There is also a volume rocker! Hallelujah. Check the video for the full unboxing, and stay tuned for further Nook Tablet coverage.

Can it compete this holiday season?

Priced at $249, the Nook Tablet comes equipped with a 7-inch IPS LCD (1024×600), 11.5 hours of reading, 9 hours of video, 1GHz dual-core Ti OMAP processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage (expandable with microSD).

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