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Nokia X Unboxing: Nokia Is Ready for Its Android Closeup

by Brandon Russell | April 22, 2014April 22, 2014 5:00 pm EST

It wasn’t the flagship game changer some had hoped for, but Nokia finally unveiled its long rumored Android smartphone earlier this year. Dubbed the Nokia X, the device is an entry level handset running AOSP capable of side loading Android applications, though it doesn’t have direct access to Google Play services. Consider it a last hurrah, along with the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL, before the Microsoft-Nokia merger closes this week.

The Nokia X is a smaller handset that looks like every Lumia smartphone we’ve seen over the past several months, and it’s very clearly meant for emerging markets. With just 512MB of RAM and Qualcomm 8225 Snapdragon processor, the Nokia X isn’t meant to be a trailblazer when it comes to speed, and it definitely shows. The device isn’t just slow where specs are concerned, either; the Nokia X doesn’t support 4G networks, so you’re stuck with slower data connections.

Still, the device feels relatively solid and is an intriguing mix between Windows Phone and Android. You can, of course, access some of Microsoft’s apps, such as Skype and OneDrive, so the ties to the Redmond company are still there. Big flagship devices will be getting a consumer release of Windows Phone 8.1 soon, so you’ll probably want to just get one of Nokia’s more recent WP devices. However, if you want something simple and inexpensive, you can opt for the Nokia X, which is available in Europe, India, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

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Brandon Russell

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