Nokia Lumia 928 Unboxing: A More Refined Lumia 920

For months, reports swirled around a tweaked version of Nokia’s Lumia 920 heading to Verizon, and last week we finally saw the device become official. While the device itself isn’t a revolutionary leap over what AT&T users have had access to since last year, there are some noticeable changes in the Lumia 928 that will certainly appeal to avid Windows Phone 8 fans. The biggest of all is the device’s Xenon flash, which we’ll put to the test later this week.

The Lumia 928 also introduces a more refined design, and it feels noticeably better than the 920. The handset is still relatively heavy, at least in terms of smartphones these days, but it’s thinner, and feels much better in the hand. To put context to the designs, imagine holding an iPhone 3GS and then picking up an iPhone 4. Other minor changes to the Lumia 928 include an improved microphone array, but largely the device is similar to the 920 regarding specs.

The bread and butter here will be the Xenon flash and how it compares to the 920, so we’ll definitely focus on that throughout the week. Otherwise, the 928 is essentially a tweaked version that’s definitely more attractive, but nothing that’ll have 920 users too jealous over. Check out the video for a quick unboxing and hands-on, and stay tuned for more Lumia 928 coverage. The Lumia 928 will be available to Verizon customers on May 16 for $99 with two-year contract.

Nokia Lumia 928 Gallery


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