Nintendo 3DS First Impressions (Video)

With the much-anticipated release of the world’s first handheld 3D gaming console, many have been wondering whether or not the Nintendo 3DS will live up to the hype. Though it’s far too early to give a full breakdown of the pros and cons of the handheld, it is certainly time to share some initial impressions, and that is exactly what our own Jon Rettinger does in the video above.

Obviously, the many have some reservations considering the fact that it is the first handheld to fully implement 3D technology. Luckily, there is no eyestrain or lag that comes with the technology’s introduction. The 3DS runs without glasses, meaning that the positioning of the device affects the imaging, and this unfortunately can result in literal headaches after ten to fifteen minutes of use. With the dawn of 3D phones upon us, it is likely an issue that we will only hear more of in the future.

From a gaming perspective, the device is no graphical powerhouse, nor is it intended to be used by hardcore gamers. The operating system runs smoothly and the resistive touchscreen is responsive even to touch.

What do you, early 3DS adopters and potential buyers alike, believe? If you have Nintendo’s latest gadget, are there any issues that you’ve found? If you are looking into purchasing one, are there any important factors that you must considering before jumping on board? Sound off in the comments below.


Jack McGrath

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