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Nexus 5 Video and Picture Samples

by Brandon Russell | November 2, 2013November 2, 2013 7:56 am EST

Having the latest specs and software is all well and good, but smartphones today are nothing without a solid camera. This year, companies have put a lot of emphasis on camera technology, and the bar is constantly being raised. Devices such as the Galaxy S4 and Lumia 1020 are good examples. Google’s Nexus line, however, has generally produced average (at best) results, so it’s important that the Nexus 5 steps it up. We just took a few quick shots and recorded video to find out if Google’s new hero has the image prowess it so desperately needs.

You already know why the Nexus 5 is so exciting: great specs with the latest version of Android. The screen is terrific, the design is beautiful and it’s just $350 off-contract. But without a good camera, all of that is almost moot in an age of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. And it’s not just important to take great photos of a picnic or at the beach. Devices today need to be as versatile, particularly in low-light situations; they’re the reason why we’re not going out to buy a point-and-shoot.

We haven’t had our hands on the Nexus 5 for all that long, so we’re reserving judgement until we’ve used the camera for longer. For now, feast your eyes on the video above and the gallery below—along with a picture taken while recording video (at the very end)—where we put the Nexus 5’s 8-megapixel shooter through a few short tests. And stay tuned for a more thorough gallery in the coming days.

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Nexus 5 Sample, Picture and Video

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