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Moto 360 (2015) unboxing: Is this still the smartwatch to beat?

by Brandon Russell | September 18, 2015September 18, 2015 2:00 pm EST

The Huawei Watch might be the current belle of the ball, but don’t discount the new Moto 360 just yet. Announced at IFA, the circular smartwatch builds on the success of 2014’s Moto 360 by offering a more elegant design, sharper screen, and a promise that you’ll get better battery life. And if you aren’t so fond of the device’s large size, Motorola made a second model that’s smaller. Oh, and there’s also a specific version just for women, too. Options are great!

Although it looks similar to the original model, there are some notable differences between this year’s and last. For one, the crown button has been moved slightly to avoid accidental presses, while the frame is more refined. Meanwhile, Motorola is offering the new smartwatch through Moto Maker, which means you can design your own—Motorola says there are almost 300 different possible combinations.

If you’ve been using the original Moto 360, it’s tough to say whether or not the new version is a worthy upgrade. The improved specs mean you’ll get an upgrade in speed, and the new design is certainly eye-catching. But based on our early impressions, you might be better off saving your dough. If you don’t have an Android Wear device at all, this makes a case as the one to beat.

If you’ve felt like your old Moto 360 has been sluggish or isn’t getting the battery life it used to, the new model is certainly worth considering. And because it’s now part of Moto Maker, it’s never been easier to customize. Pre-orders are up right now, with prices beginning at $299.

Brandon Russell

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