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Mac Pro First Look at WWDC 2013

by Brandon Russell | June 10, 2013June 10, 2013 3:05 pm PST

Mac Pro fans have been rabidly calling on Apple to introduce a revamped model, and the company on Monday didn’t disappoint. The new approach may as well be considered a completely new line, because the hardware looks nothing like the current generation. Apple managed to cram some humungous specs inside of a tower that’s 1/8th the size of Mac Pros today. And there are features out the nose.

Equipped with an Intel Xenon ES chipset and dual GPUs, the new Mac Pro is, as per usual with any Apple gear, a feat of engineering majesty. If you check out the feature site Apple set up for the new hardware, you’ll see exactly what I mean. This thing has a unified thermal core, which conducts heat away from the CPU and GPUs and distributes it evenly across the core. There is much, much more to the design.

We got a quick peak at the hardware after today’s presentation, and it’s without question a beautiful sight. The upcoming model won’t be out until later this fall, so until then we’ll only have pictures and video to ogle over.

Brandon Russell

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