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Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4: Design (video)

Back in the day I used to love Nokia phones, mainly for their superior hardware but never for the operating system. When the likes of the iPhone came onto the scene, my relationship with Nokia went a little sour – using Symbian became very stale indeed. History seemed to be repeating itself more recently with the iPhone and iOS. The elegance of iOS is nice, but lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve spent too many years looking at the same grid of icons.

Nokia has rekindled my interest in their hardware with the Lumia 800. Windows Phone 7.5 still feels like a work in progress, but it is a refreshing change. The hardware is a different matter altogether, what with its sleek lines, curved glass and solid build quality. Check out the video above to see Lumia’s sexiness for yourself, as well as a comparison with the iPhone 4.

Dave Cryer

Dave Cryer started out on the Amiga, running a fan club and specialist Amiga magazine called Amigamaniac, the trend was definitely set to be heavily...