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LG Watch Urbane LTE hands-on: A gorgeous new connected smartwatch

LG recently announced two new smartwatches that, though similarly named, are actually very different. That includes the LG Watch Urbane LTE and the LG Watch Urbane. No, the Urbane LTE doesn’t simply offer an LTE connection as the primary difference.

Instead, it’s actually powered by LG’s own custom software, which we suspect is built on webOS since this watch is a version of the Audi watch we saw during CES 2015. The Watch Urbane, meanwhile, runs Android Wear. You’ll still find a premium stainless steel body, however, the same heart rate monitor, and a plastic OLED display that’s bright and beautiful. The Watch Urbane LTE also sports a larger 700mAh battery to make up for the drain you’ll get while connected to a wireless network.

The device is capable of placing its own phones calls without the need for a smartphone, which is a neat function that should attract some consumers. It also looks like a pretty standard timepiece on the wrist, instead of a glaringly noticeable smartwatch. Check out a closer look in the video above.

Todd Haselton

Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. He started out as an intern with...