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LG G Watch Hands-On: The Future of Smartwatches Looks Bright

by Brandon Russell | June 25, 2014June 25, 2014 6:44 pm EST

LG’s G Watch isn’t exactly new, but we’re finally nearing a consumer release. And at Google I/O, the device was out in full force. Many of Google’s executives wore the device while onstage during the opening keynote, and it was even used to demonstrate many of Android Wear’s features, which we’re mostly already familiar with. We had the chance to check out the device for ourselves once the nearly three-hour presentation was over, and came away impressed.

Like many other smartwatches on the market, the LG G Watch is a thick square made from plastic. It feels a bit bulkier than something like the Gear Live, and with its flat appearance, it actually feels a tad awkward when worn, like it doesn’t quote conform to the natural shape of a wrist. That said, it’s very light—light to where you barely notice you’re wearing it at all. Unless you’re not already used to wearing a watch, the G Watch will feel just fine and fairly comfy. No less comfy than the others.

All of the units we saw were in retail demo mode, so we couldn’t really get a full feel for how Android Wear will run on the device. But it looks great in the square format—not quite as nice as the circular Moto 360—and is pretty easy to understand, from weather, to fitness, to messages and more.

This is one of the first Android Wear watches to hit the market, meaning its one of the biggest ambassadors for Google’s big smartwatch platform. We’re incredibly excited to take a full retail unit for a spin, but until then, check out our quick hands-on of the G Watch in action. The G Watch is scheduled to start shipping on July 3, and will retail for $229.

Brandon Russell

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