LG EA93 UltraWide 29-inch Monitor: Four-Way Split Screen for Multitasking Mavens

by Jon Rettinger | January 9, 2013

Why use dual-monitors when you can use one that’s extra, extra wide? That’s the question LG wants to address, and something we were really curious about because we rely on dual-monitors for a cleaner and more productive workflow. So is this more convenient?

The monitor itself is 29-inch UltraWide (IPS 2560 x 1080), and sports a 21:9 aspect ratio. That allows users to take advantage of a four-screen split function for better multi-tasking for all those open windows and tabs. In addition, the EA93 supports a Dual-Link function to connect to two eternal devices, so it doesn’t need to be the only thing bossing your desk.

Check out the video for TechnoBuffalo’s reaaaaally wide look at LG’s strange new monitor, and stay tuned for more coverage from the CES show floor.


Jon Rettinger

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