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Let’s Play Watch_Dogs – Driving, Hacking, Shooting

There was a time when I almost wondered if Watch_Dogs would ever actually release. Between the unveiling two years ago and the delay that hit last fall, I practically thought launch day would never come.

It came this week. The gaming department here at TechnoBuffalo has two copies of Watch_Dogs. We’re working through the game now in order to bring you a full review from two perspectives, but I figured I’d capture some footage for you to enjoy in the meantime.

I grabbed a section of my playthrough that covers part of a single mission early on in the campaign. The mission features a touch of the driving (to get there), some puzzle solving, hacking and a little gunplay. Why not a slice of as much as we could see, right?

Expect our review in the next week as we complete the title. So far? Well, I’m not sure how I feel. Which is why I don’t review games I haven’t finished, so, there’s that.

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Joey Davidson

Joey Davidson leads the gaming department here on TechnoBuffalo. He's been covering games online for more than 10 years, and he's a lover of all...