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Let’s Play Super Time Force

by Joey Davidson | May 14, 2014May 14, 2014 2:00 pm EST

You probably know Capybara Games for Super Brothers: Sword & Sworcery or the upcoming Below. If there is one thing this studio should be known for beyond its unique art style, it’s the ability to create wildly different games.

I’m here today with another one of Capybara Games’ different games. This time it’s Super Time Force, a 2D shooter all about cooperating with past versions of yourself in order to take down enemies.

You’ll play a path shooting and damaging as much as you can, call timeout, create another character and play that path. Then you’ll do it again and again until you have a whole pack of pre-recorded yous doing pre-recorded damage and it is awesome.

Super Time Force released for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 today at $14.99. It comes recommended friends. I don’t want to stop playing it.

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Joey Davidson

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